This document, when signed by Exhibitor and EH Media LLC, Inc., constitutes a binding legal agreement. EH Media LLC agrees to review the Contract and assign to your company exhibit space, if available, at Church Facilities Conference & Expo 2021, consistent with show eligibility requirements and policies. The Exhibitor agrees that upon acceptance of this Contract by EH Media LLC, with or without appropriate payment of the exhibition fee, this Contract shall become a legally binding agreement; enforceable against the Exhibitor in accordance with its terms. By the signature below, the individual signing this document represents and warrants that he/she is duly authorized to execute this binding contract on behalf of the exhibitor. The Exhibitor agrees to be bound by the information and terms on both pages 1 and 2 herein and the rules and regulations included in the Exhibitor Manual

and/or any other regulations issued prior to the exhibition.

  1. TERMS OF PAYMENT: This schedule outlines the required payment dates for all contracts, with each step shown sequentially and on a cumulative basis: Initial payment for contracts submitted before March 1, 2021 will be invoiced for 50% payment due on March 1, 2021.  Contracts submitted after March 1, 2021 must be accompanied by payment of 50% of the total Exhibit Space Rental Fee.  The entire 100% Exhibit Space Rental Fee is due by August 1, 2021.  Contracts submitted on or after August 1, 2021 must be accompanied by 100% payment in full.


  1. METHOD OF PAYMENT: Make all checks payable to EH Media LLC Inc. and send to EH Media LLC, Inc., 20 Speen St., Ste. 403, Framingham, MA 01701. Tel: 508-663-1500; Fax: 508-663-1599.  If the name of the exhibiting company is different than the name on the check, indicate it on the check. Please calculate your requested exhibit space cost and submit a payment (U.S. currency only) in accordance with the terms. Only the company name listed on this Contract is considered an official Church Facilities Conference & Expo 2021 Exhibitor. All exhibitors must make payments in accordance with the schedule outlined above. The Exhibitor will not be permitted to occupy its exhibit space until full payment is received. Payments submitted in accordance with the Contract will be applied, to any outstanding balances with EH Media LLC, related to Church Facilities Conference & Expo. Exhibitors who submit payments that are unpaid by their banks will be placed on a cash basis. Any Exhibitor who does not meet all financial obligations when due will be responsible for all outstanding debts, interest at one and one-half percent (1.5%) per month (or the maximum allowed by law) and any fees EH Media LLC incurs to recover the debt. There is a $50 charge for returned checks. Payments by credit card are subject to credit card processing fees.


  1. OCCUPANCY BY EXHIBITOR: It is further agreed that actual occupancy of the space reserved by the Exhibitor is of the essence. If the Exhibitor does not occupy the space by 9:00 a.m., Tuesday, September 21, 2021 EH Media LLC may occupy or cause said space to be occupied as it may deem best for the interest of the Church Facilities Conference & Expo without in any way releasing the Exhibitor from liability hereunder. Furthermore, if the Exhibitor does not occupy/staff the space, all rights of a Church Facilities Conference & Expo Exhibitor will be revoked. Premature dismantling of and/or failure to staff space during the entire show will result in the forfeiture of priority points and a fee up to $500.


  1. CANCELLATION OF PARTICIPATION BY EXHIBITOR: All cancellations of participation must be in writing (return receipt required) and shall become effective when received by EH Media LLC. Both the Exhibitor and EH Media LLC acknowledge that EH Media LLC will sustain substantial losses if the Exhibitor cancels its Contract after it has been assigned space. Due to the difficulty of determining said losses, the Exhibitor agrees to pay the following as liquidated damages if the Exhibitor cancels its exhibit space on or within the time periods here specified. If the Exhibitor cancels all or part of the exhibit space contracted for hereunder before August 1, 2021, Exhibitor is liable for 50% of the total exhibit space cost. If cancellation is made on or after August 1, 2021, Exhibitor is liable for 100% of the total exhibit space. All payments made or due to EH Media LLC shall be fully earned and non-refundable, in consideration for expenses incurred by EH Media LLC and its lost or deferred opportunity to provide exhibit space to others. The Exhibitor acknowledges all cancellation fees that may become due hereunder are liquidated damages and are not applicable toward any future EH Media LLC produced shows, events or magazine advertising. EH Media LLC will invoice Exhibitor for cancellation fees in excess of payments; invoices for cancellation fees are due upon receipt. Contracts signed on-site during the Church Facilities Conference & Expo 2022 Priority Selection Process, September 21–22, 2021, may be canceled in writing without penalty as described above within 30 days of signing.


  1. CANCELLATION OF EXHIBITOR PARTICIPATION BY EH: Exhibitor’s space may be canceled by EH Media LLC for failure to make payments when due or failure to comply with Church Facilities Conference & Expo 2021 regulations. If space is canceled by EH Media LLC, Exhibitor will be notified in writing. It is further agreed that based on the timing of such cancellation, as evidenced by letter notification, the Exhibitor is liable for the same cancellation charges as referred to Section 4 above. Upon such cancellation, EH Media LLC may lease the canceled space to another exhibitor at its discretion.


  1. DOWNSIZING POLICY: All downsizing requests shall become effective when approved by EH Media LLC. A fee of 50% of the difference between the cost of the original total exhibition fee and the downsized exhibition fee will be charged on any EH Media LLC approved downsizing before August 1, 2021. The fee increases to 100% of the difference between the original total exhibition fee and the cost of the downsized exhibition fee after August 1, 2021. The above downsizing fees shall be in addition to the actual cost of the downsized exhibition fee. Both the Exhibitor and EH Media LLC acknowledge that, in the event of downsizing, EH Media LLC will sustain substantial monetary losses that cannot precisely be determined. In the event that an Exhibitor downsizes (once or multiple times) an existing Church Facilities Conference & Expo 2021 exhibit space, and then cancels the decreased exhibit space, the cancellation fee, as required by this Contract, shall be calculated using the original exhibition fee. The date of cancellation for determining the cancellation fee percentage will be the date on which the Exhibitor canceled its participation in Church Facilities Conference & Expo 2021 and not the date(s) on which the downsize occurred. All downsizing fee(s) are payable immediately upon downsizing. The above downsizing fee(s) terms shall apply regardless of the execution date of this Contract.


  1. DIRECTORY LISTING/SEPARATE EXHIBITOR REGISTRATION: Only the name of the Exhibitor which appears upon the face of this Application/Contract may be placed in the exhibit space, in the Show’s printed list of Exhibitors and on exhibitor badges. It is further agreed that the Exhibitor shall not assign, share or sublet any part of its exhibit space without the express written consent of EH Media LLC. In the event a request for separate exhibitor registration and/or additional directory listing is approved, a $495 fee will be charged for each additional company. EH Media LLC maintains the exclusive right to publish and distribute the list of Exhibitors. However, a publisher may include the list of Exhibitors as part of an ongoing publication. As a service to Exhibitors, EH Media LLC will identify in the Official Directory each Exhibitor who completes and returns the necessary directory listing form by the established deadline; however, EH Media LLC will incur no liability for any errors, omissions or format charges in the directory. The Exhibitor agrees to list in the Official Directory only brands of its own manufacture, or brands which are manufactured exclusively for the Exhibitor, and which bear the Exhibitor’s name or trademark.


  1. REGULATIONS: It is further agreed that all current and subsequent Church Facilities Conference & Expo 2021 conditions and regulations and the conditions and regulations of the Dallas Convention Center are made a part hereof as though fully incorporated herein. EH Media LLC shall have full and exclusive power in the matter of interpretation, amendment and enforcement of all said conditions and regulations, and any such amendments when made and brought to the notice of said Exhibitor shall be as though duly incorporated herein and subject to the terms and conditions herein set forth. If a dispute or disagreement shall arise between the parties concerning the allotment of or permitted use of exhibition space or concerning interpretation of any of the regulations which are a part hereof the decision and interpretation of EH Media LLC shall be final and the Exhibitor hereby agrees to abide by said interpretation which, if requested, shall be in writing. It is further agreed that in case said premises shall be destroyed by fire or the elements, or by any other cause, or in case of government intervention or regulation, military activity, strikes, or any other circumstances that make it impossible or inadvisable for EH Media LLC to hold the Show or portion thereof at the time and place herein provided, then and thereupon this agreement shall terminate and the said Exhibitor shall and does hereby waive any claim for property or other damages or compensation except the pro rata return on the amount paid after deduction of actual expenses incurred in connection with the Show and there shall be no further liability on the part of either party. This agreement is subject and subordinate to the agreement between the Dallas Convention Center and any other facilities utilized by EH Media LLC, and covering the Church Facilities Conference & Expo 2021 exhibit areas at these properties (and other facilities which may be used) for the period of the Church Facilities Conference & Expo 2021, move-in through move-out.


  1. SPACE ASSIGNMENT AND ATTENDEES: This Application/Contract indicates your original exhibit space assignment. Any changes to your assignment will be indicated to you on a contract addendum form or letter. EH Media LLC further reserves the right to reallocate exhibit space in the interest of a better showing of exhibits or for any other reason. Although organizer will attempt to accommodate exhibitor requests for specific booths, no guarantees can be made that the exhibitor will be assigned the specific booth(s) requested. Exhibitor acknowledges that he/she is not contracting for a specific booth(s), but rather for the right to participate as an exhibitor in the Church Facilities Conference & Expo 2021. Organizer makes no representations or warranties with respect to the demographic nature and/or number of exhibitors and/or attendees.


  1. RECEIPT AND REMOVAL OF FREIGHT: No exhibit or portion thereof may be removed from the exhibit facility during the Show. Only Exhibitors showing proper exhibit credentials and personal identification will be permitted to take merchandise out of the facility. If any Exhibitor fails to remove freight in the allotted move-out time, EH Media LLC reserves the right, at the Exhibitor’s expense, to ship the freight through a carrier of its own choosing or to place same in a storage warehouse. (Please refer to your online Exhibitor Manual for additional information.)


  1. LIABILITY AND INSURANCE: The Exhibitor and its authorized contractors agree to carry adequate personal and property damage liability and workers’ compensation insurance and to indemnify and hold harmless EH Media LLC, the Dallas Convention Center and other facilities utilized by EH Media LLC and their contractors, officers, agents and employees against all claims, losses, suits, damages, judgments, expenses, costs and charges of every kind, including attorneys’ fees resulting from its occupancy of the exhibit space contracted for, by reason of personal injuries, death or property damages sustained by any person. Certificates of insurance must be furnished by Exhibitor if requested by EH Media LLC Inc and must be available on-site during the show. Failure by EH Media LLC to request proof of insurance shall not relieve Exhibitor from carrying proper coverage.


  1. EXHIBIT CONSTRUCTION, DECORATION, SIGNS, ETC.: All Exhibitors are expected to comply with booth construction regulations outlined in the Exhibitor Manual. It is the Exhibitor’s responsibility to supply these regulations to its exhibitor appointed contractor. Exhibitors are solely responsible for the safety of their exhibits (refer to your Exhibitor Manual for additional information). All special booth work must conform with Church Facilities Conference & Expo 2021 exhibit regulations. Such approval and/or compliance with EH Media LLC regulation does not constitute EH Media LLC approval or opinion on the structural safety of construction. The Exhibitor and its display company remain solely liable for the safety of their exhibit. Exhibitors may choose any display company provided it meets EH Media LLC requirements for exhibitor appointed contractors and it provides EH Media LLC with a certificate of liability insurance and signed indemnification agreement no later than 30 days prior to the Show (see exhibitor appointed contractor approval). All bunting, draperies or other fabrics must be fireproofed before use in the decoration of any exhibit. Paper decorations, cut evergreens or branches and balloons are not permitted. Exhibitors must comply with all the laws, regulations and ordinances in force in the exhibit facility, City of Dallas, the State of Texas and the United States.


  1. EXHIBITOR APPOINTED CONTRACTOR (EAC) APPROVAL: An Exhibitor Appointed Contractor (a contractor not listed in the Exhibitor Manual) may be used provided EH Media LLC obtains 30 days in advance: 1) Notification on the Exhibitor’s letterhead of its intent to use the exhibitor appointed contractor; 2) Proof of the exhibitor appointed contractor’s workers compensation and personal property damage liability insurance coverage; 3) Signed EAC indemnification statement. Use of exhibitor appointed contractors is subject to their acceptance of the Church Facilities Conference & Expo 2021 EAC contract. EH Media LLC may deny access by or use of any exhibitor appointed contractor if these specific requirements are not met in the opinion of show management. If an Exhibitor brings an exhibitor appointed contractor into the exhibit facility, that Exhibitor is responsible for that contractor’s workers’ compensation and liability insurance certificates and must send them to EH Media LLC, the exhibit facility, and the general contractor. Under no circumstances will EH Media LLC be responsible for work promised or performed by an EAC.


  1. OPERATION OF EXHIBITS: Exhibits must be designed and operated in a manner that respects the rights of other exhibitors and visitors. The following are prohibited: preparation of food, promotional contests that require physical skill, promotion of other industry expositions without prior consent of EH Media LLC, and unauthorized taking of photographs. Personnel must be dressed appropriately and confine their activities to the exhibit space of the Exhibitor by whom employed. Exhibitors are responsible for payment of fees, royalties or fines for use of work that is protected by copyright, patent or trademark. EH Media LLC reserves the right to prohibit promotions found objectionable. Booths must be staffed at all times during scheduled exhibit hours, unless prior written permission is received from show management. Booth personnel must be 18 years of age or older.


  1. SPECIAL ELECTRICAL, CLEANING, CATERING SERVICES, ETC.: For insurance, safety and security purposes, electrical, cleaning, catering, drayage and other special services needed by individual Exhibitors are provided only when the Exhibitor orders and agrees to pay for these services from the exclusive suppliers authorized to provide such services listed in the Exhibitor Manual.


  1. CHARACTER OF EXHIBITS: Products eligible to be exhibited include products for houses of worship and related accessories and services. The Exhibitor agrees to display only products of its own manufacture, or products exclusively manufactured for, or distributed by, the Exhibitor and which bear the Exhibitor’s name or trademark. EH Media LLC reserves the right to order withdrawn from display any items which, in its opinion, do not comply with these requirements.


  1. CONTENT: EH Media LLC reserves the right to exclude the showing of film, photos, games or other software in the exhibit area which are deemed objectionable.


  1. NOISE ABATEMENT POLICY: Exhibitors demonstrating audio equipment of any type in an open display should use a sound chamber or acoustically contained area to restrict sound levels from intruding on adjacent exhibits. Exhibit design should be such that speakers face into the booth and not toward the aisles. Demonstrations found to be objectionable due to noise level will be closed down in accordance with the EH Media LLC exhibitor noise abatement policy published in the online Exhibitors Manual. Exhibitor shall not receive a refund or damage compensation from EH Media LLC for any action imposed in the enforcement of the noise policy. Exhibitors are responsible for supervising the actions of all visitors and employees operating display equipment located in their exhibit area.


  1. POLICY ON SELLING: Over the counter sales (i.e., cash, check and/or credit cards) are not permitted. Only bona fide business orders for future delivery may be taken.


  1. FOOD SERVICE: Food and beverage consumed or distributed in any of the exhibit facilities must be purchased through the authorized in-house service supplier.


  1. RESPONSIBILITY FOR PROPERTY: In no case will EH Media LLC be responsible for theft, loss or damage to Exhibitor’s product or booth. Exhibitor agrees that it is wholly responsible for protecting its property on and off Show premises. Exhibitors are encouraged to secure their exhibits and products and should insure their property (from the time it leaves their warehouse until it returns) at their own expense.


  1. PUBLICATION DISTRIBUTION: Exhibitors may distribute their own written materials from their exhibit and, unless permission is granted by EH Media LLC, not outside their exhibit. Publication bins, if available, are restricted to approved publications and, if applicable, the official Church Facilities Conference & Expo 2021 Show Daily. Other “show dailies” may not use the bins.


  1. ATTENDANCE: EH Media LLC makes reasonable attempts to attract attendees but does not guarantee specific levels of attendance at Church Facilities Conference & Expo Fall 2021 or any particular location at the Expo.


  1. ASCAP/BMI: Exhibitors are responsible for all applicable ASCAP/BMI music licensing fees. No fees are required if music is used to demonstrate product capability.
  2. AMERICANS WITH DISABILITIES ACT (ADA): Exhibitors must be in full compliance with the Americans With Disabilities Act.


  1. AMENDMENTS: EH Media LLC shall have full power to make or amend these regulations.


  1. VIOLATIONS OF REGULATIONS: If EH Media LLC shuts down Exhibitor’s booth due to Exhibitor violating EH Media LLC rules and regulations, Exhibitor will not receive a refund or damage compensation from EH Media LLC.


  1. LAWS: Although EH Media LLC and Exhibitors do business in various state jurisdictions, this contract shall be governed, constructed and enforced in accordance with the laws of the state of Massachusetts and its courts. In the event that it shall be necessary for EH Media LLC to bring suit to enforce any of its rights here under, EH Media LLC shall be entitled to recover all costs of such suits including reasonable attorney’s fees and collection fees.


  1. EXHIBITOR MANUAL: All rules and regulations set forth in the Church Facilities Conference & Expo 2021 online Exhibitor Manual are regarded by both Exhibitor and EH Media LLC as an extension of this legally binding contract.


  1. If any term, clause or provision hereof is held invalid or unenforceable by a court of competent jurisdiction, such invalidity shall not affect the validity or operation of any other terms, clause or provision and the invalid term, clause or provision shall be deemed to be severed from the agreement.


  1. COVID-19: If the CFX event is canceled for reasons of COVID-19, exhibiting companies will be offered their money back or the option to move their deposits to a future CFX event or other CFX opportunities.