Author: Alison Istnick

Delivering Financial Campaigns During Crisis, Covid-19 Strategies

Across the country churches are responding to the COVID-19 impact on their ministries and are searching for the best ways to move forward with fundraising and capital campaigns. Two faith-based financial leaders share their expert advice.

Nimble, Portable Church Plant

Planting a healthy, disciple-making, multiplying ministry is made simpler with a system predesigned to quickly deploy a mobile church, and adapts to a new facility
during COVID-19.

Cultivating Diversity at Your Church

We have been witnessing an ever-increasingly diverse nation. However, our ability to intermingle cultures in our churches has not come along easily.

Recognizing and Preventing Depression During COVID-19

In a time where every person has been impacted by COVID-19, how can we provide mental support and care for not only ourselves, but to those around us?