Keynote Session

Stephen Brewster

Music Creator/Producer & Church Leadership Consultant

Stephen Brewster is a dynamic individual who is passionate about the Church and loves supporting those who serve in their local church body. His strategic thought processes and mentoring personality make him the ideal person to serve pastors, executive leaders, and creatives. He’s also
adept at helping churches create and release original music.

Over the past few years, ministry has gotten
incrementally difficult. The weights the pandemic has placed upon all of us have made many of us question how much longer we can hold on in our ministry roles.
served in pastoral roles in the past, Stephen understands what it takes to be “in ministry.” As a result, he knows how overwhelming serving in a ministry role can be, and he’s excited to help you learn ways to overcome the overwhelm!

Tyler Reagin

Founder & CEO of The Life-Giving Company

Meet our host for the conference, Tyler Reagin. Tyler is the founder and CEO of The Life-Giving Company. He is the former President of Catalyst and worked at North Point Ministries for 10 years. Recently, he helped start the 10Ten Project, a one-year experience for church leaders to be in community with other leaders who understand your world but don’t need anything from you.

Learn more about Tyler Reagin & the 10Ten Project

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