Facility Improvement, Use and Safety Track

Facility Improvement, Use and Safety Track

Preliminary Track Agenda – subject to change

Active Shooter Preparedness for Church Facilities: Training and Response Protocols

Safeguarding Children and Youth: Creating a Secure Environment in Church Settings

Budgeting and Financial Management for Church Facility Managers

Effective Space Planning: Optimizing Your Church Facility Layout

Facility Maintenance on a Shoestring Budget: Creative Solutions for Cost-effective Care

Managing Vendor Relationships: Tips for Effective Contract Negotiations

ADA Compliance for Church Facilities: Ensuring Accessibility for All

Addressing HVAC Challenges in Church Facilities: Heating, Cooling, and Ventilation Solutions

Navigating Codes and Regulations: Legal Considerations for Church Facility Managers

Cleaning and Sanitization Practices for Church Facilities: Maintaining Health and Hygiene

Developing a Master Plan for Your Church Building Project

Maximizing Your Church Building’s Acoustics for Optimal Sound Quality

Budgeting for Your Church Building Project: Tips and Strategies

The Role of Technology in Modern Church Buildings: From AVL to Smart Building Systems

Designing a Control Room for Your Church Building: Best Practices and Considerations

Building a Robust and Reliable Network Infrastructure for Your Church Building

Technology Trends in Church Facility Management: Leveraging Innovation

Disaster Preparedness and Recovery: Protecting Church Assets and Ministries

Church Facility Inspections: Best Practices and Reporting Protocols


Facility/Operations Directors and Teams

Safety and Security Teams


Executive Pastors

Building Team Members


New – CFX Leadership Collectives

We know that deeper educational opportunities are important to you, so we’re excited to share this new experience. For leaders in the areas of Administration, Leadership, Facilities, and Worship Production, we’re offering in-depth, interactive workshop-style sessions curated just for you. When you arrive, you’ll be assigned a seat at a table with other church leaders; this is your new Collective. Hear from church leaders who have been in the trenches for a while, and then discuss with your Collective to create a strategy you can take home with you. Follow-up meetings after CFX will offer you additional support as you implement these strategies in your home church.   

No additional fee to attend, but pre-registration is required.  Space is limited and we anticipate these to be sold out.