August 3, 2021
The Green Room Podcast
August 23, 2021

Exciting Developments for CFX 2021!

By Stephanie Lippi, originally posted on TFWM.com

“So off the men went. They covered the ground and mapped the country by towns in a scroll. Then they reported back to Joshua at the camp at Shiloh.”

– Joshua 18:9 (MSG)

In June, we visited some of the sites where CFX 2021 will take place. Similarly to Joshua’s request to have men survey the Promised Land before entering it, we wanted to survey the area where we’ll be setting up the show. Our goal was to physically see the spaces and areas so we could pull together the final logistics.

First, we explored the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center, where the conference & expo will be housed. Measurements were procured, logistics were discussed, and many photographs were taken to ensure we won’t miss a single detail for you!

We believe one of the show’s biggest logistical advantages is the fact that everything onsite is closely grouped together. You won’t need to travel to different levels or wings of the building to find the expo, keynote or breakout sessions, or the added educational and demo areas. Everything is within a short walk from one end to the other.

The best part is that we’re including most of our educational stages on the Expo Floor. You won’t have to travel far to check out what the exhibitors are offering and then get to your next breakout session, demo or CFX Talk.

Next, we traveled to Watermark Community Church to walk the tour path and get to know the amazing people there. We can honestly say that this is an experience you won’t want to miss! As we walked around, we discussed how to ensure that any attendee who participates in this tour will glean from the wisdom—both from lessons learned and victories achieved—that this church has to offer. Whether your focus is in Leadership, Facilities & Operations, or Technology, there’s something for you!

Meanwhile, our team has continued to work with thought leaders and industry experts to tailor exciting new additions to our conference program.

Donnie Haulk from AE Global will be presenting a series of breakout sessions specifically targeted for Tech and Leadership that help you design worship services and spaces with both tech and worship in mind.

Another amazing opportunity that’s going to be offered is the half-day Live Worship Academy Workshop that will be held on September 20th. During this workshop, you’ll have the chance to hone your technical skills in the areas of service design concepts, video shooting, and audio mixing for various elements.

If you can’t tell, we are so very excited to meet you in Dallas and provide the best educational and networking opportunities we can. Our desire to help you gain the practical resources and skills needed to grow your ministries for God’s glory drives us to bring you the best out there.