Foundations is a high-quality on-demand video library of educational presentations and talks from church leaders and industry experts. In addition, you can access downloadable resources that support your entire church team.

Delivered in an easy-to-use and accessible video platform, Foundations is a powerful solution for churches who desire year-long access to education and resources that support growth.

Foundations is produced by WorshipFacility.com and CFX Events, the recognized leaders for providing education and insights to churches.

A $199 Value

CFX Attendees Earn Big Savings

Just $49 Until June 1st 

 One Full Year of Access

  • On-demand video access to presentations held at CFX events
  • Foundations Modules are short-format video lessons from church leaders, covering specific areas within a larger topic
  • 3 in-depth focus areas vital to churches of all sizes including:
    • Worship Technology and Production
    • Facility Improvement, Use, and Safety
    • Leadership and Management
  • Stream all content at any time and on any device, in brilliant HD
  • Download digital resources, PowerPoint presentations, webinars, and research
  • 25% discount on registration for in-person CFX events

New videos and resources are posted every month

  • CFX Essentials presentations will be posted by May 25th – 30+ Videos
  • CFX 2023 Dallas presentations will be posted by November 15th – 60+ Videos
  • Foundations Modules will be posted monthly, beginning in June – 5+ Videos each month

Such an Incredible Value

Designed to serve as a church-wide educational resource

Just $199 for your entire church team

By purchasing, you instantly have access to a shareable and comprehensive learning center.

  • Readily available toolbox of resources to share with your teams
  • Training for your tech, facility, safety, communications, leadership, and administrative team members
  • Training that will save you money on your next building project or tech upgrade
  • Reliable education from leading experts whenever you want it
  • 24/7 access to a continuously updated library you can return to again and again


A Valuable Resource For Churches

“Our team is very reliant on volunteers, which makes educational or growth opportunities hard to find and afford.  The video library became a convenient and important opportunity to elevate everyone’s knowledge. Being able to watch a session together, or repeat one helped us apply these ideas in our church. It’s been a good value for our church.”

Tech Team Leader

“In our team, when someone finds a good idea or learns some approach, we have to translate it to others on my church leadership team. Of course, ideas get lost in translation and this can be frustrating. The opportunity to watch, learn, and discuss together has been powerful for moving ahead faster, and we have more confidence in the outcome.”

Executive Pastor

“We were unsure and intimidated by the prospect of a building project. Our priority was guidance on how to consider and plan our project. The design and build sessions were accessible and the instructors were generous with their knowledge. It was invaluable for us to learn from these experts.”


Your Subscription Includes 3 Focus Areas

Focus Area 1:

Worship Technology and Production 

  • AVL Projects: Planning, Budgeting, and Installation
  • Tech Staff and Volunteer Development and Training
  • Audio: Capture and Mixing for Live and Online Production
  • Lighting: Fixtures, Controls, Applications, and Design
  • Streaming and Broadcast Production: Tools, Practices, and Solutions
  • Video: Camera Applications, Capture, and Post-Production
  • Service Planning Strategies, Processes, and Tools

Focus Area 2:

Facility Improvement, Use, and Safety 

  • Architectural Design & Construction Planning for Any Building Project or Upgrade
  • Facilities Management and Operations
  • Building Usage for Maximum Engagement
  • Revenue Generation Opportunities
  • Safety and Security Training and Resources
  • School and Church Operations Management and Safety
  • IT Infrastructure and Cybersecurity

Focus Area 3:

Leadership and Management 

  • Leadership Principles That Will Make Your Staff and Volunteer Teams Stronger
  • Staffing and Strategic Development
  • Finances, Budgeting, Insurance and Taxes
  • Communications: Social Media and Website Outreach and Engagement
  • Encouraging Your Online Audience to Attend In Person
  • HR Policies and Strategies
  • Church Database Management and Analysis

Our Purpose

We created Foundations because we believe every church should have the education they need to pursue the vision they have for their church.

Our deep understanding of the challenges churches face has guided us to design an educational solution that works for churches of any size.