• Mark MacDonald
    Mark MacDonald
    Church Branding Strategist

    For 30+ years Mark’s worked in Branding, Advertising, and Communication. Now focusing on helping churches communicate effectively as a brand strategist, bestselling author, engaging speaker, and a (heart of a teacher) consultant with his agency, Be Known for Something. He also serves as Executive Director of Center for Church Communication.

    He’s sought for his church branding, marketing communication, business insights, on-the-spot website assessments, and practical storytelling.

7 WARNINGS: REFOCUS Your Church Branding

Considering REFOCUSing your Church Branding? Wait! There are 7 major warnings you MUST consider before you undertake the (possibly) necessary branding step for your ministry.

Mark MacDonald has been rebranding churches and organizations for 3 decades and has seen it all. You’ll appreciate his candor, honesty, and solutions during this fast-paced session. Get ready and be prepared; your church is known for something now; but is it the right thing? You’ll be surprised what you need to know in order to change perception!

Learn the pitfalls of Church Rebranding and discover solutions required to change community perception. Learn how to engage your community and congregation to build a biblical brand everyone is proud of having.


Sep 22 2021


9:30 am - 10:45 am


Leadership & Management

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