A Post-Pandemic Guide for Determining the Proper Air Cleaning Technologies for Your Facility

The year of COVID created an enormous amount of confusion for all of us. As we move back into our normal daily life, we recognize that something is different. We ask ourselves new questions. Is the air in the buildings I’m walking into clean? What does clean mean? Is everyone around me as cautious as I am? Do they need to be?

And as facilities and operations managers, there are even greater questions. How do I keep the air in our facility clean? What’s the best method? Can I trust the technologies that are being presented? Do peer reviewed studies exist? Can we afford it? How do we control it? How do we let people who come into our facility know we care and are doing something? Do we need more than one cleaning method?

This session will explore these questions and more, and provide basic guidance and resources for decision making and implementation.

  1. Basic Types of Air Cleaning
  2. Understanding of Different Technologies for Air Cleaning
  3. Application of the Right Technology for the Right Objective


Sep 21 2021


3:00 pm - 3:30 pm


Facilities & Operations

The event is finished.

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