Basic to Advanced Video Streaming Solutions

In the past, it was a challenge to reach those who could not attend services in person. Today, we have been blessed with the tools and technologies that make worshipping together possible without the need of your parishioners leaving the comfort of their homes.

Sean Robinson is here to educate church leaders who have not yet established an online streaming presence and show them the easiest way to get online with a professional-looking broadcast.

For established broadcasters, Sean can provide insights into the unique capability found in our cameras to bring your services to an elevated level.

We will start with a building block approach to demonstrate the progression of live streaming with varying equipment. Starting with a mobile device for video and audio capture, progressing to external audio solutions, moving up to an interchangeable lens camera or camcorder for better low-light quality, adding lighting to the shot for better visuals, then ending with the addition of external switching tools for multiple camera angles.

Learning Objectives:

1. How to easily integrate a proper photography/video camera for live streaming
2. How to live stream directly from the camera using only a Wi-Fi access point
3. Upgrade features that “future-proof” your camera
4. Accessories to take your live stream to the next level


Sep 21 2021


2:00 pm - 2:30 pm


Production Technology

The event is finished.

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