• Jerry Colmenero
    Jerry Colmenero
    Management Consultant at SOLCOR Cables

    Jerry Colmenero worked in the ’80s as a touring Audio Engineer and made the transition to Lighting Director/Designer. Throughout the ’90s, he formed a representative and tech support company dedicated to pro sound & lighting. After selling that company in the early 2000s, Jerry went to work as an inside design consultant for various lighting manufacturers. This brought him to work on the designs and work with other designers for Broadway shows, The Mall of America, Ringling Bros Circus, and Royal Caribbean, to name a few.

    Presently, Jerry consults with manufacturers about product development and export to markets outside the USA. He also mixes the on-air audio at his home church.


CFX TALK: Yes, It Makes a Difference (Part 2)—How Cable Selection Affects Your Digital Signal Path

In this second part of the conversation, Jerry Colmonero from SOLCOR Cables will go deeper in the cable infrastructure conversation. From the plug on the wall, to the final signal down a 22 gauge wire cable, selection is the link in the chain not to be taken lightly. We’ll also discuss the importance of planning for cable selection and installation in any new church build project or existing facility renovation.

Takeaways include:

– Basic understanding of cable infrastructure

– Long-term effects to cable infrastructure facility expansion plans


Oct 25 2022


12:50 pm - 1:10 pm


Facilities & Operations,
Production Technology

The event is finished.

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