• Shawn Kirsch
    Shawn Kirsch
    Tech Director at Ransom Church

    Shawn Kirsch has been leading tech in churches either as a volunteer or paid staff member for 15 years. He has been able to work across denominations in a variety of church sizes to help move them forward in their technical abilities. He is currently in a dynamic church in southeastern South Dakota serving multiple campuses, working to update all of their systems to be reliable and top shelf, instead of “just getting by.” Shawn has a special passion for helping small churches and nonprofit organizations make wise choices as they try to elevate their gatherings and events.

  • Steve Kuhn
    Steve Kuhn
    Founder & Executive Director of ShareBuilt

    A protégé of his carpenter father, Steve pursued a degree in Construction Management from the University of Cincinnati and created a highly respected 40-year long career building schools, hospitals, theaters, office buildings and retail projects nationwide. In his current role, Steve is a founding partner of Sevan Multi-Site Solutions in Franklin, TN and serves as an Executive Vice President and Board Member.

    Steve’s passion for philanthropic work has led him to support design and construction efforts for churches, schools, non-profits and individuals with building needs beyond their financial means. Observing the vast chasm that separates those with daunting building needs from the hundreds of designers and contractors who generously give their time for such projects in their communities is what led Steve to launch ShareBuilt, a non-profit corporation established in 2022.

    Steve is active in his church community, serving as an elder at Christ Community Church, where he’s also served on the Master Planning Committee, Building Committee, and as a Small Group Leader. He’s also been a former Board Member for Barefoot Republic Camp, a camp program for children focused on facilitating Christ-centered relationships between campers from diverse racial, cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds through an equally diverse platform of artistic, athletic and team-building programs.

  • Tim Adams
    Tim Adams
    Owner of Timato Systems

    As an AV System Designer/Installer/Consultant/Author, I have served in church technical ministry for nearly 25 years, working my way from audio recording and live sound to live video, lighting and projection.

    I have worked with churches across the United States, and have consulted with churches in Australia, Suriname, Europe and Africa. I bring an intense passion for technical excellence to Timato Systems and my clientele, pushing past mediocrity by casting God-size vision for ministry and applying task to purpose, connecting otherwise mundane tasks to the real-world impact for those the ministry touches.

Communicating Tech Needs with Leadership: Finding Common Ground

Working as a tech or volunteer can often lead to a sense that church leadership just doesn’t understand the struggles we live with every week. When we bring up issues, leaders can seem aloof, uncaring or worse, indifferent. How do we, as technical personnel, communicate effectively with our leaders so they not only understand the critically important function our ministry fills, but also find a way to work together to better and more fully support the mission and vision of the church?

This session will dive into the realities of the load that rests on the shoulders of leadership, but also call those same leaders up to own the additional responsibilities they must shoulder in a post-COVID world where media ministry is a requirement. It will also address questions and issues of how leaders think, how to connect with them and find common ground by changing our mindset to that of a leader so that we can better understand and appreciate what they are balancing every day; while also providing key strategies for communicating day-to-day struggles and how to approach topics such as budget, upgrades and vision.

Takeaways include:

1 – A toolbox of methods to utilize when approaching and interacting with church leadership in positive ways

2 – An understanding of the incredible balancing act and sheer load of responsibilities on our church leadership

3 – Strategies for being part of vision-casting and mission development discussions to better support your leadership so they, in turn, can better support your ministry


Oct 26 2022


4:45 pm - 5:45 pm


Leadership & Management,
Production Technology

The event is finished.

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