• Zach Kepple
    Zach Kepple
    Props Manager and Story Writer at Capernaum Studios

    Chaplain Zach Kepple has 12 years in acting, art design, assistant directing and writing in the film industry. Zach currently works for Capernaum Studios as set liaison between film makers and the studios and is co-creator of the film trilogy Washington’s Armor, produced by Capernaum Studios. He has worked with the design teams of The Chosen series, Eating with Enemy, and many more filmmakers that visit the studios.

    Capernaum Studios sets are featured in season one of The Chosen, Washingtonâ’s Armor and Eating with The Enemy, but can also be seen in Media Videos from Right Now Media and Ignitor Media. Building a community of Faith, Capernaum Studios has helped Tony Evans, The Potter’s House, Lifestyle Christianity and many more churches bring their sermon series and media to life.

Creating a Video Shoot from Scratch

Church leaders are having to get creative with their sermon series and small group studies in order to connect in different ways with their congregation and community. The internet has changed how we do this; people are no longer connecting as often in the church building, but they are engaging in their homes, at work, and in their cars through videos and media.
In this session, we’ll learn how to create an engaging video from the ground up. Zach Kepple with Capernaum Studios will share how to plan for the shoot, what you’ll need to have on hand to make it successful, and all things related to the technical side of shooting a video.
Takeaways include:
– Planning for the Shoot
– Set Dressing, Props, Wardrobe
– Camera Work, Lighting and Audio
– Location, Location, Location
– Editing


Oct 25 2022


8:15 am - 9:15 am


Production Technology
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