• Donnie Haulk
    Donnie Haulk
    CEO/President of AE Global

    Donnie is the CEO of AE Global Media; he founded the company in 1989. Donnie leads the AE Global development of campus wide technology systems for ministries, churches, and businesses worldwide.
    Over 3 million people experience live worship on production systems each Sunday designed & installed by AE, and millions more via broadcast and streaming technology.

    A technology architect, pioneer in performance acoustics, musician and published author, Donnie’s drive is to inspire people through innovative design and communication.

Dynamic Worship by Design

Designing spaces conducive for creating an intimate and dynamic worship experience starts with an understanding of how God created us to worship. Understanding God’s physical laws in delivering “The Message” gives us insight into how to have the maximum impact in each service.

This seminar will teach you how to use the latest technology and innovative techniques to create a worship friendly environment. We will be concentrating on delivery methods to enhance the worship experience. Whether planning for a new building or trying to solve problems in a 100-year-old sanctuary or a warehouse, this seminar is for you.

Learning Objective #1

Analyze proven principles of design that inspire people.

Learning Objective #2

Utilize architecture and design to create a Dynamic Worship Experience.

Learning Objective #3

Asses the balance of function and aesthetics.

Learning Objective #4

Identify 4 levels of technology design in Worship Spaces.


Sep 21 2021


10:00 am - 11:00 am


Facilities & Operations,
Leadership & Management,
Production Technology

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