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    Grant Glas
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    My core values are Radical Transparency, Speed for All, Idea Meritocracy, Candor, and Being Part of a Unique Team that believes in a missionary mindset; this gets me excited! At Playlistr, we serve 6,000+ ministries around the world. We care deeply about our customers. The proof is in the numbers: Our team has gotten 4,400+ support tickets in the last four years. Our average response time is 8 minutes. Also, Playlister has 100+ reviews from our customers that rated us 4.7/5 stars.

EXHIBITOR SPOTLIGHT: Say Goodbye to ProPresenter & Hello to Playlistr

If you look at Renewed Vision’s website, all of their photos of the happy people using ProPresenter, where are they? They’re in a pro video environment, right? They’re in your control room, they’re in the Virtual Center. They’re not in your kid’s space. They’re not in your classroom. They’re not where your, not techie AV person is.

It takes significant effort to choose and integrate the best church presentation software for your ministry. Knowing what you need and learning what’s available on the market might even require technical knowledge. Then there’s the problem of merging the two and figuring out which solutions provide the specific functionalities that you need.

Many churches broadcast the main presentation feed on the big screen or screens in the auditorium, but display something else in the foyer or overflow rooms (like a video or livestream feed). You might also want to establish a separate announcement stream for a kiosk. Of course, your stage displays will require their own copy of the content (perhaps containing information for the musicians or even sermon notes).

The best systems offer numerous independent content streams, allowing you to do the situation we just described, or something much more involved from a single presentation file.

So, we’ll help you select the best church presentation software, one specifically intended to fulfill the needs of ministries like yours. Knowing what you’re looking for is the first step in selecting the most suitable church presentation software for your ministry. While this may seem self-evident, it’s a critical step that’s sometimes overlooked. It’s also a more complicated phase than it appears since it involves numerous distinct categories. When choosing solutions such as ProPresenter alternatives, consider:
– What are the currently available features?
– What issues are you having with the existing solution?
– What will you need if your ministry grows?
– Ease of Use
– Flexibility
– Versatility

Our solution is Playlister: equipment that includes an Apple TV, setup guide, remote case, Apple TV mount bracket, and some delicious gummy bears!


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