• Nicole Edgerton
    Nicole Edgerton
    Sales Manager at Hytera US Inc.

    My name is Nicole Edgerton, and I have been with Hytera US, Inc. for a little over 6 years. While joining the team as an Inside Sales Manager, I have proudly transitioned into an Account Manager which has allowed me to better serve our customers and industry. I take pride in providing top notch customer service and a reliable product to our customers.

    My family and I had moved to Corona, CA about a year and half ago, where we found our new home church, Crossroads Church. We have been beyond blessed to have Crossroads and are always seeking ways to stay involved and contribute any way we can. We are grateful to be welcomed into the Crossroads Church family.

EXHIBITOR SPOTLIGHT: What is the Right Radio Communications Solution for My Church?

Two-way radios with instant group calling can be a cost-effective way to improve communications, but there are many two-way radio technologies available for churches of all sizes. This presentation from Hytera will review the specific advantages of analog, digital, and push-to-talk over cellular radios so you can decide on the best radio system for your church’s unique needs.

Takeaways include:

– Learn how two-way radios enable efficient operations, improve worship services, and increase security

– Discover the difference between radio-to-radio solutions and larger radio repeater systems

– Understand the benefits of digital radios over analog radios, and how to create a seamless migration path

– See how new Push-to-Talk over Cellular and Wi-Fi technology provides new capabilities for cost-effective radio communications


Oct 25 2022


11:45 am - 12:05 pm


Facilities & Operations,
Leadership & Management

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