How to Establish a Connection with Your Congregation by Integrating Automation Technology into Your Lighting & AV Systems

Automation and tracking technology provides potential that is not just evolutionary; it’s revolutionary. Lighting and filming pose a number of challenges for churches and places of worship. It’s crucial that pastors establish a connection with each and every participant through eye-to-eye contact, IMAG in the auditorium, video in the Satellite Campus Content, and streaming on the Internet. It’s also incredibly important to control the lighting. Automation and tracking technology enables every moving light in the rig to be used as a follow spot. Many churches of various sizes would see significant savings in operational and capital costs if they could light their pastors with a few tracking fixtures as opposed to a large rig of conventional lighting. Add this integration with media servers, and you’ll see how projection and audio automation can shake things up and convey an important message in a new and powerful way.

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Oct 30 2020


2:00 pm - 3:00 pm


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CFX 2020
Stuart Green


Stuart Green

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