• Mark MacDonald
    Mark MacDonald
    Sr. Church Brand Strategist, #ChurchComm Consultant, Pastor, Speaker, Bestselling Author

    Mark MacDonald is the Sr Church Brand Strategist for Be Known for Something (a nationwide ministry branding agency) and also the Executive Director of the Center for Church Communication (10,000 churches). He motivates churches to become relevant in their community and is the bestselling author of “Be Known For Something”. For 30+ years, Mark has served as Sr. Creative Director in one of Eastern Canada’s largest agencies, led his own Church Branding Agency in NC, and most recently served as Communication Pastor for 3000+ Florida Baptist churches. He’s written 800+ church communication articles and is pursued to speak at church workshops and conferences.

Live Website Analysis (If You Dare)

Where the rubber meets the road. Websites are critical as we REFOCUS our church ministries! Join this interactive session where we’ll project church websites onto the big screen and talk about things you’re doing right, things you’re not doing correctly, and what you NEED to be doing to have a better online presence. Come and bring your URL — if you dare! Mark MacDonald, a Communication Pastor, Consultant, and Exec Director of Center for Church Communication, brings 30 years of church communication experience to this critical issue.

1. Let’s look at our Church Websites and learn from them.
2. Discover website paradigm and why we should follow it.
3. Learn from eye-tracking metrics.
4. Steps to improving church web presence.


Sep 21 2021


3:15 pm - 4:45 pm


Facilities & Operations,
Leadership & Management

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