CANCELLED: Live Worship Academy Workshop

Live Worship Academy is the first online certification course that is specifically designed to help church AVL technicians and volunteers increase their skill levels to create an environment of worship. Whether your church is traditional, liturgical or contemporary, these courses will discuss how to understand and use your production tech in ways that not only enhance the worship service for the congregation, but also help you worship in your technical role. Taught by instructors who are industry professionals and Christ followers with a heart for ministry, you’ll be encouraged in your skills through these classes.

What’s Included in this Half-Day Workshop:

1. Creating an Environment for Worship VS Creating a “Show”

What does today’s contemporary worship service look like compared to the secular concert your congregation may have attended the night before?

“As worship leaders we are to be waiters setting the table for the bride and Bride Groom to have an intimate encounter.” Whether we are a bass player, choir member, vocalist, sound person, camera operator, or greeter, helping to facilitate worship is our assignment. We are to “set the table” to create the environment.

Picture a restaurant setting that you would take someone special to. The maître de, the wait staff and kitchen’s staff sole job is to create the perfect setting to have a great meal. That’s similar to our calling. Our sole purpose is to create an environment for the believer to have an intimate encounter with the Creator, and for a non-believer to maybe meet Him for the first time.

Learning Objectives

Your worship service is a product. It is your presentation of the Gospel of Christ, determined by denomination, theology, and your own “ecclesia” or community. This class segment looks at different formats for delivery to address the different environments, “in-person” or “on-line”

What your online audience “sees” should compel them to participate in worship, engage in an online community, and respond to a call in very different ways than an in-person experience.

This class will educate you on the pitfalls of the modern trend of contemporary worship services and how to use technology as a tool to set an environment for worship.

The class will cover a broad overview of production methods on “how we got to where we are now” VS “what we need to do for the future with what we have” in regards to the lighting system, audio system, and video/graphics. You will take an inventory of your “methods” and learn how to make them more effective.

During post-pandemic services, many churches have gone back to in-person services. How do you make the “watcher” at home become a “worshipper” and an active digital member of your congregation? Are you using your camera(s) for I-MAG (Image Magnifcation) or for broadcast? What does that look like to the different audiences?


This class segment will look at different techniques that should be used to draw the audience member into an atmosphere of worship instead of an entertainment environment. You will learn methods on how to get your congregation to participate instead of merely spectating, on being authentic to your core style instead of copying another congregation.

2. Acoustic VS Electronic Drumming

The never-ending battle over drums. This will be a live drum mic placing segment in an acoustically “live” room VS electronic drums and how they sound with a band. You will learn best practices for dealing with acoustic drum noise, drummers who cannot “play quiet”, and the politics that surround this topic.

Learning Objectives

This segment will give you practical methods with demos to make sound decisions about drums in your worship environment. You will learn a basic overview of tuning drums, mic-ing drums, and deploying electronic drum systems.


Live drum mic-ing, and listening session VS electronic drums with a band.

3. Mixing In-Ear Monitors

There’s another never-ending battle of stage noise VS “I sound like I’m in a can” from the musicians. Many worship leaders, and “Old School” musicians/singers hate in-ear monitors. Yet almost every secular act uses them. How do we make the transition to “IEMs” without losing team members, and without losing the “live feel”?

Learning Objectives

You will learn how to deploy ambient mics, how to set up in-ear monitors for musicians and vocalists, and endeavor to keep them happy.


Lecture/hands-on demo with Personal In-Ear Mixers, listening with band tracks.

*Note: Please be sure to bring your personal earbuds or headphones for this demonstration


**Special Registration Required for this Workshop


Sep 20 2021


1:00 pm - 5:00 pm


Production Technology

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