• Robert Mokry
    Robert Mokry
    Co-Founder & CFO of LightParts, Inc.

    I’ve made my living in the entertainment industry as a performer and tech since 1982. Richard Belliveau hired me in 1984 at Blackstone Audio Visual, which became High End Systems. I worked in sales, then dealer education, and finally product development. In 2004 Don Pugh and I formed LightParts Inc., the first company dedicated to parts and service for entertainment lighting technology.

Maintenance & Repair of Automated Lights

With proper maintenance, many automated lights can provide years of reliable service. The objective of this class is to teach worship tech team personnel how to be better stewards of the automated lights they are responsible for, by performing proper maintenance and minor repairs when necessary.

We’ll start by covering basic automated light architecture and what all automated lights have in common. Then, we’ll move to proper maintenance and what’s required–access to fixtures, tools, and methods. We’ll provide a logical flow to diagnosing problems and demonstrate examples of actual repairs like changing a fan, module or drive belt. We’ll cover the details of safely swapping lamps and the proper disposal. We’ll use real fixtures as examples, along with some fixture components (circuit boards, lamps, fixture modules) as props. We want to show people how to make their fixtures last longer, and what they can safely repair onsite, and when they need to call for help.

Prerequisites for this class are basic knowledge of AC and DC electricity, how to use a digital multimeter, and basic knowledge of automated lights. The class will be a little over the head of newbies, perfect for intermediates, and will provide some challenges for experienced techs.


Sep 22 2021


2:00 pm - 3:00 pm


Production Technology
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