• Tim Adams
    Tim Adams
    Owner of Timato Systems

    As an AV System Designer/Installer/Consultant/Author, I have served in church technical ministry for nearly 25 years, working my way from audio recording and live sound to live video, lighting and projection.

    I have worked with churches across the United States, and have consulted with churches in Australia, Suriname, Europe and Africa. I bring an intense passion for technical excellence to Timato Systems and my clientele, pushing past mediocrity by casting God-size vision for ministry and applying task to purpose, connecting otherwise mundane tasks to the real-world impact for those the ministry touches.

Masterclass: Next Level Livestreaming

Geared towards the church that wants to go deeper with their livestreaming broadcast, this intensive workshop will cover the specifics of how to go from basic to advanced with your livestream. We’ll cover audio, lighting, camera angles, software, and more.
Part 1: Moving Past Mediocre Audio
Learn how to move past just taking a mixed audio feed from your mixer and step up to a fully mixed and customized audio mix. A better mix ensures your online viewers can hear clearly and are treated to a sonic experience that lets them feel like they really are an extension of the in-person congregation.
Part 2: Shine Your Light—Lighting That Moves
Discover how to grow past adequate lighting and finally learn how to use lighting to control focus, depth, mood and atmosphere. Turn your worship space into an environment that allows your congregation to experience worship in an entirely new way.
Part 3: Livestream Like the Pros
Learn broadcast “best practices”: how and where to place your cameras, how to create production standards inside your own ministry that will deliver consistency and predictability for your live stream experience, understand the pros and cons of free streaming hosts vs. paid streaming hosts, copyright concerns, the good and the bad of software vs. hardware, and much more.
Part 4: Cohesion and Convergence
How do you bring all of this together to deliver exceptional live streams? How do you build cohesion within your tech team that allows every member to know how their contributions support the larger mission? How do you interface with leadership to communicate your needs within the context of the mission?


Oct 24 2022


1:00 pm - 5:00 pm


Production Technology

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