• Don Mahoney
    Don Mahoney
    Principle Architect & President of BGW Architects

    Don has one of the most extensive backgrounds in worship and performing arts architecture, designing prominent facilities all across the U.S. throughout his 37-year career. He leads a team that has completed more than 900 ministry project designs across 47 U.S. states and 3 foreign countries.

    Don has been recognized with a number of awards for innovative and creative church design, including multiple WFX Solomon Awards, the Lutheran Church Extension Fund Arts & Architecture Award, Ministry Today Magazine’s Most Innovative Churches, and multiple American School & University Design Awards.

    Don specializes in helping ministries to cast their vision during the very earliest stages of the project through creative master planning and preliminary design concepts. He earned his Masters Degree in Architecture from the University of Utah in 1982 and formerly served as President of the American Institute of Architects for the State of Utah.

    BGW Architects is an employee-owned company that has designed more than 900 ministry-based projects across 47 U.S. states and 3 foreign countries. Through a unique approach developed exclusively for ministry-based organizations, BGW seeks to revolutionize the process and significantly reduce both upfront building costs and long term maintenance and operation expenses. In addition to its industry-leading design services, BGW is also aligned with a nationwide network of faith-based contractors that are leaders in church construction in their markets, as well as other strategic partners in the areas of funding, strategic planning, pastoral coaching, building supplies and so much more.

Rethinking Church Facilities in a Post-COVID World: 2 Emerging Opportunities for Expansion & Remodel

The shift toward the use of unconventional buildings for worship has been underway for years, but with more large retail spaces available than ever before, this trend will become even more prevalent. Learn about the incredible growth in opportunities for churches to convert retail and commercial buildings, the cost saving advantages they can offer, and the key considerations in evaluating these types of properties.

This uncertain time has also spurred a paradigm shift in how many churches view their facilities. Financially sustainable solutions such as professionally managed child care centers can serve to expand ministry reach to a whole new group of people and, in some cases, reduce overhead costs for the church. Learn 5 keys in determining whether a for-profit child care center could be a viable business model to pursue on your property.

Return home with the following knowledge:

  • Learn about the available opportunities, advantages and considerations in converting retail and commercial buildings for worship
  • Also learn about the opportunities to leverage church buildings more effectively 7 days a week through the integration of professionally managed child care centers
  • Learn 5 key factors in determining whether a for-profit child care center could be a viable business model to pursue on your property


Sep 22 2021


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