Sharing the Burden: Spirituality & Healthcare in America

Many Christians do not know or understand their options when it comes to Faith-Based, ACA-Alternative Healthcare in America. Michelle Berndt, OneShare Health’s VP of Strategic Development, will provide insight into Health Care Sharing Ministries which are available for all members of your ministry, staff, and congregation.

OneShare Health is a Christian health share that serves as a reflection of God’s provision for the medical needs of His children. We welcome anyone who agrees with our core biblical principles and seeks an alternative option to traditional health care. Members share the burden of one another’s eligible medical bills and demonstrate the love of God to the entire Community.

Through an overview of our rich history, alignment with the HCSM Alliance, and a focus on the spiritual well-being alongside the physical health of our Members, Michelle will outline how our devotion to ministry and service change the church community for the better with healthy living and community-based support.

Learning Objectives:

– What is a Health Care Sharing Ministry?
– What is the history of HCSMs in America?
– How does an HCSM Work?
– What are the benefits of offering an ACA-exempt, faith-based healthcare alternative?
– What is the HCSM Alliance, and how do Alliance-affiliated HCSMs serve and improve this industry on a national level?
– How can Spiritual wellbeing and a dedication to service and community improve the overall welfare of the faith community?


Sep 22 2021


4:00 pm - 4:30 pm


Facilities & Operations,
Leadership & Management

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