• Donnie Haulk
    Donnie Haulk
    CEO/President of AE Global

    Donnie is the CEO of AE Global Media; he founded the company in 1989. Donnie leads the AE Global development of campus wide technology systems for ministries, churches, and businesses worldwide.
    Over 3 million people experience live worship on production systems each Sunday designed & installed by AE, and millions more via broadcast and streaming technology.

    A technology architect, pioneer in performance acoustics, musician and published author, Donnie’s drive is to inspire people through innovative design and communication.

The Art of Worship Through Technology

Why use technology in worship?

ART – Defined as something that is created with imagination and skill and that is beautiful or that expresses important ideas or feelings (Merriam-Webster Dictionary)

How can the church use this to reach their community?

Technologies are an effective way to create art in worship. They help create a visual impact that words alone may not communicate. They engage the congregation and encourage participation. Technology uses new ways to talk about an old message.

­4 Steps in Incorporating Technology as Art into Worship:

1 – Dismissal:

– Turning worship into entertainment / Fits in with style of worship

– Affordability

2 – Embracing:

– Bringing technologies into worship

– Enhancing worship experience; not taking away from main purpose

– Putting worship first

3 – What Works for OUR Congregation?

– Our church vision

4 – Best ways to communicate with technology

– Growing the church

Putting it to work:

– Designing the best technology for your congregation

– Creating worthy material

– Be intentional

Learning Objective #1

Participation Rather Than Observation

– Song lyrics

– Sermon outlines

– Photographic illustrations

Learning Objective #2

Engaging Visual & Audio People

– Attractive to the eye

– Pleasing to the ear

– Appealing to the mind

– Fun

Learning Objective #3

Environmental Changes

-Lighting design techniques: color, intensity, and direction can be used to achieve focus for your Pastor

– TV or broadcast lighting

– Production or concert lighting

– Drama or theatrical lighting


Learning Objective #4

High Tech Worship

– Video Projection

– Rear

– Front

– Screen size

– Shades, blinds, and windows

– Contrast ration & lumens


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