• Jason Caston
    Jason Caston
    CEO of iChurch Method

    Jason Caston is an international speaker, author, and digital/social specialist for faith-based organizations. Caston has authored over 5 books on digital ministry and developed an innovative approach to helping organizations advance their online presence using a six-part iChurch Method approach of Websites, Multimedia, eCommerce, Social Media, Mobile, and Innovation. Additionally, Caston was the spokesperson of AT&T’s national #InspiredMobility campaign that highlights how we use mobile technology to enhance our spiritual and personal lives.

Using Digital Options in the New Normal

“Thinking Digital in the New Normal” takes a good look at the digital ministry landscape and establishes key principles in building out a digital engagement program. As we work through these concepts we will focus on current and future concepts such as digital marketing, web/web3, multimedia/NFT, eCommerce/crypto, social media, metaverse, and mobile. Digital ministry encompasses so many ways to stay connected in the digital space and this session will explore some of them.

Takeaways include:

1 – Thinking Digital and Blockchain Concepts

2 – Digital Marketing and Innovation Concepts

3 – Web (Web3) Connections and Concepts

4 – MultiMedia (NFT) Connections and Concepts

5 – eCommerce (CryptoCurrency) Connections and Concepts

6 – Social Media (MetaVerse) Connections and Concepts

7 – Mobile (More Than the Phone) Connections and Concepts


Oct 26 2022


2:15 pm - 3:30 pm


Facilities & Operations,
Leadership & Management

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