Truss and Rigging Equipment Use – What Guidelines Do You Need to Be Following?

Using truss and chain hoists, or even just suspending lighting and video equipment from structures within your facility, you have a responsibility to ensure the equipment is being kept in shape to be used safely and support that equipment near your congregation. Have you read the manufacturer’s manuals for the equipment you own (or are considering purchasing)? Are you aware of the manufacturer’s recommended inspection interval and criteria, or that there may be national safety standards that apply to the gear and how you are using your space?

This session will take attendees through the general guidelines set out by manufacturers of rigging equipment and give a review of the ANSI standards that provide guidance for rigging and support equipment.

This session will be presented by Elmer Veith, Sales & Training with Reliable Design Services, LP (Dallas, TX).


Sep 22 2021


2:00 pm - 2:20 pm


Facilities & Operations,
Production Technology

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