Live Worship Academy, the first online certification course specifically designed to help church AVL technicians and volunteers increase their skill levels to create an environment of worship, will be joining CFX in Dallas this year! Whether your church is traditional, liturgical or contemporary, these courses will discuss how to understand and use your production tech in ways that not only enhances the worship service for the congregation, but also helps you worship in your technical role. Taught by instructors who are industry professionals and Christ followers with a heart for ministry, you’ll be encouraged in your skills through these classes.

LWA will offer three of their classes in person in a single, intensive four-hour workshop. These interactive sessions will challenge you to go to the next level in order to better serve in your ministry.

1:00pm – Creating an Environment for Worship VS Creating an Environment for “Show”

2:30pm – Break

3:00pm – Acoustic VS Electronic Drumming

4:00pm – Mixing In-Ear Monitors

Creating an Environment for Worship VS Creating an Environment for “Show”

Like a restaurant creating an intimate setting, our goal is to create an intimate worship environment. What your online audience “sees” should compel them to participate in worship, engage in an online community, and respond to a call in very different ways than an in-person experience.

This portion will educate you on the pitfalls of the modern trend of contemporary worship services and how to use technology as a tool to set an environment for worship.

Acoustic VS Electronic Drumming

You will learn best practices for dealing with acoustic drum noise, drummers who cannot “play quiet”, and the politics that surround this topic.

This segment will give you practical methods with live acoustic and electronic drum set demos to make sound decisions about drums on your worship environment. You will learn a basic overview of tuning drums, mic-ing drums, and deploying electronic drum systems.

Mixing In-Ear Monitors

Many worship leaders, and “Old School” musicians/singers hate in-ear monitors. Yet almost every secular act uses them. How do we make the transition to “IEMs” without losing team members, and without losing the “live feel”?

You will learn how to deploy ambient mics, how to set up in-ear monitors for musicians and vocalists, and endeavor to keep them happy.