Spacemap Go is a spatial sound design and mixing tool that leverages the processing power of Meyer Sound’s Galileo GALAXY Network Platform in an intuitive iPad app.  

For decades, Spacemap technology has powered the world’s most complex sound productions, from Cirque du Soleil to Broadway. Now, those same creative capabilities are available to everyone attending CFX.

With Spacemap Go, anyone can design both simple and sophisticated multichannel installations without specialized training. Spacemap Go gives you the freedom to focus on worship without the burden of complicated interfaces and confusing algorithms. Even first-time users can create spatial sound designs in minutes, thanks to Spacemap Go’s simple iPad touchscreen interface.

Spacemap Go works with any existing PA, any loudspeaker configuration, and in any room. Learn how Spacemap Go is fully scalable and is the perfect tool to bring your congregation into the conversation.  

Our fully immersive demo will provide a first-look, hands-on experience at some of Meyer Sound’s newest digital audio technology. 

Schedule a demo today with the team at Meyer Sound; we look forward to hosting you here at CFX!

This amazing opportunity is included in your registration to the Church Facilities Conference & Expo, but spaces are limited, so register today for CFX and add one of these demo sessions to your schedule!

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