Tech & Leadership: Presented by Donnie Haulk

Donnie Haulk is excited to share with you some of the wisdom and knowledge he’s gleaned from years of designing and implementing cutting edge broadcast and production technologies. He understands the physics and psychology behind creating immersive worship atmospheres, and as a result, he’s developed ways to ensure your worship facilities can allow your congregation to be more engaged in worship services.

As part of your registration to CFX 2021, you’ll have access to this 4-pack of sessions. Make sure to check them out!

Dynamic Worship by Design

Designing spaces conducive for creating an intimate and dynamic worship experience starts with an understanding of how God created us to worship. Learn how to do this by using the latest technology and innovative techniques.

Battle for the Minds

Discover the methodology in using full sensory immersive audio, video and lighting.  You’ll gain insight into how people receive and experience worship today. Effective use of this “next generation technology” will help you deliver the Word of God in ways that is both dynamic and life changing.

The Art of Worship Through Technology

Technologies are an effective way to create art in worship. They help create a visual impact that words alone may not communicate. They engage the congregation and encourage participation. Technology uses new ways to talk about an old message.

Improving the Impact of Broadcast & Streaming

Tackle issues that get in the way of creating great video for broadcast and streaming. Understanding lighting and platform layout gives us insight into how to have the maximum impact in each service. See how the latest in technology can help you create a worship friendly environment.