Go deeper in your communication skills with the CFX Communication Boot Camp. If you’re in charge of communications for a church, this is your opportunity to be inspired and equipped to strategically direct the messaging of your brand or organization. Each session includes interactive and hands-on opportunities to elevate your skills as a communication pro.  

Part 1: The Strategic Role of a Communications Director

Laura Woodworth

What does it take to be a good communications director? Since the church shutdowns in 2020, your position has become increasingly critical to the growth and well-being of the church. In this session, we’ll cover the mindset you need to effectively communicate the pastor’s vision internally and externally, as well as the characteristics that will make you a valuable team player. As many church leaders rethink the value of a strong communications director, you’ll gain the skills to develop yourself and your communications team for effective messaging and marketing of your church brand.

Part 2: Strategic Communication & Discovering Your Voice

Dr. Jen Bennett

What does it mean to be strategic and how does knowing your voice impact your communication? How can churches lead in this noisy, crowded social media world? In today’s oversaturated online world of posts, memes, and videos, churches have an incredible opportunity to be bridge-builders. In this session, Dr. Jen Bennett will share her top tips that will help you build relationships with your audience, in a variety of ways and on a variety of platforms and formats. The goal? To help you impact and influence culture for Christ through your strategic communication.

Part 3: Branding, Marketing, and Creating Brand Ambassadors

LaTan Murphy

What sets your church apart from others? Did you realize by focusing on establishing a clear brand you will be able to bring visibility to reach more people eager to participate in all that your church represents? A clear brand helps people gravitate to your church based on how connected they feel to your outreach strategy. Then, once you’ve established your brand, it’s important to realize that, in today’s world, the value of developing solid brand ambassadors who set the stage for your church can attract, reach, and keep the most people for your mission.

Part 4: Platforms and Media to Use for Communications to Create & Recycle Killer Content 

Misty Phillip

You need to establish clear objectives for effective communications. Discover how to create killer content, break it into smaller pieces, and then repurpose it to create an effective digital strategy across media and social platforms. In this session, we’ll discuss the practical ways of how to do this well and how to not overwhelm yourself in the process.

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May 13, 2022

Masterclass: Essentials of Church Communications

If you’re in charge of communications for a church, be inspired and equipped to strategically direct your church's messaging.