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UV Sterilizer and Disinfection Cabinet

June 1, 2020     Xtreme Structures & Fabrication (XSF) is a manufacturing company based out of Sulphur Springs, Texas that provides aluminum structures for the entertainment industry.  In an effort to be part of the fight against Covid-19, and considering that the gig industry is currently on hold, XSF has transitioned from manufacturing aluminum…
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Recognizing and Preventing Depression During COVID-19

In a time where every person has been impacted by COVID-19, how can we provide mental support and care for not only ourselves, but to those around us?

Texas Grand Re-Opening

Word came down from Texas Governor Greg Abbott that Phase 3 of the re-opening plan will begin as early as this week. This is great news for our CFX community and those who will be attending the event this September 29-October 1 in Dallas. Under the announced plan: “Gatherings with an estimated attendance of 500…
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Helping Churches Reopen

Our friends at Smart Church Solutions in partnership with Brotherhood Mutual Insurance have developed the following short videos to help churches address reopening. 

Developing a Conference Program During a Pandemic

By Stephanie Lippi Six months ago, I would have laughed at you if you had told me I would be helping to put together a national conference for church leaders and volunteers. I would have laughed even harder if you had said there would be a pandemic in the midst of my endeavors. Yet, here…
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Best Practices for Church Disinfecting

Church facilities who can show and maintain diligent sanitation practices will better manage an indefinite period of transition to a new normal. By Alison Istnick In upcoming weeks and months, our states, cities and local communities will begin lifting stay at home restrictions as non-essential businesses start reopening. Fluid social distancing mandates will affect how…
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