One feeling unites all ministry leaders after 2020: exhaustion. A year full of polarizing events, a global pandemic that shifted so much of how churches operate, and a lack of in-person community has pushed a lot of church leaders to feel overwhelmed, overworked, drained, and wondering, “Can I do this anymore?”

As we potentially near the finish line of the pandemic, maybe you’re feeling nearer to the finish line of your ministry work. The events of the last year and a half have reminded us just how little we truly control in our lives. Fortunately, we can plan for the future of our churches by talking about succession early in our careers. Then, no matter what surprises come, we’re ready for what’s next. Succession is no longer just a retirement conversation; it is a readiness conversation. So how do we acknowledge the inevitable reality of succession and prepare for the future of the church?

April 8, 2021

Succession Readiness: Why Your Succession Plan Matters Now More Than Ever

Businesses shouldn't be the only ones who understand the importance of succession planning for the health and future of their companies. Learn why churches should consider this a vital aspect of the health of their ministries, too.