3 Comprehensive Educational Tracks
Over 60 Speakers

Tech Directors & Teams: Your role is vital to support the purpose of today’s church.  With that expectation, you are challenged to do more and more. CFX addresses the many unique challenges of the technical and production teams through a comprehensive educational program led by industry experts and Tech Directors who understand the technology, and the skills needed to serve well. Attend and learn from those who understand the church. Attend and  get access to:
  • In-depth audio, lighting, video education
  • Real-world hands-on training
  • LED walls and projection technologies
  • Streaming technologies
  • Connection and support
  • Staff and volunteer skills development classes
  • Sessions Schedule
Facilities Managers, Executive Pastors, Elder Boards, & Administrative Staff all have a responsibility to do? You have the privilege of providing sound stewardship over the building and business side of the church. CFX will bring church leaders and industry experts to you who can help you grow as stewards. Attend and gain access to:
  • Building design and construction trends and strategies
  • AVL project scope, planning, and implementation guidance
  • Facility operations and management
  • Finance and insurance
  • Church safety protocols
  • IT and cyber security
  • Sessions Schedule
Pastors and other ministry leaders are called to lead and guide.  To do so you are asked to engage with your congregation and community. At CFX, we’ll connect you with church leaders and experts who’ve been where you are. They’ve walked similar journeys as you, and they’ve come up with strategies to inspire you to grow in your leadership skills. Attend and gain access to: 
  • Church building strategies
  • Digital ministry for engagement
  • Church communication planning
  • Team development and growth
  • Social media strategies
  • Leadership development
  • Sessions Schedule