Church Buildings Conference

Gain the knowledge, perspective, and resources any church leader needs when considering or planning a building project, building renovation or upgrade, or AV project.


The Church Buildings Conference is one of four conference experiences held at CFX 2024, creating a powerful and unique growth experience for your team.

The top church architects, designers, builders, and integrators will be here.

Preliminary conference session topics include:


  • Determining if You Should Build New, Purchase and Renovate, or Remodel Your Existing Space
  • Team Creation: Including and Finding the Right People to Plan Your Construction Project or Upgrade (Internal and External Team Members)
  • Creating and Managing a Budget
  • Financing Options: Choosing the Right Methods
  • Staying Sane Through the Project
  • Wayfinding: Planning, Coordinating, and Implementing
  • Designing a School/Daycare Center at Your Church
  • Matching Your Building with Your Branding and Story
  • Interior Design: Using Color, Comfort, and Thought to Create Flow and Engagement
  • Design Ideas to Engage Your Community with Your Property (Coffee Shops, Dog Parks, etc.)
  • Designing Safety in the Initial Planning
  • AVL & IT Integration in the Construction Process
  • Master Planning for Any Construction Project and AVL/IT or Facility Equipment Upgrades

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