Leadership Collectives

3 Leadership Collectives to Help You Take Your Leadership Skills to the Next Level

Choose the Leadership Collective geared towards your role to find your community

The Worship & Tech Director Leadership Collective focuses on creating a healthy tech and worship team culture within your production and worship teams. This Collective is for Tech and Worship Directors and Leaders looking to build thriving teams of people who serve excellently while serving each other. By participating, you’ll learn to identify and work through challenges, discover how to be a more decisive leader and leave with a solid action plan.

The Facilities Manager & Safety Director Leadership Collective aims to cultivate a collaborative environment for exchanging and discussing best practices and strategies for effective facilities stewardship and safety. This collective brings together individuals as the Facilities Manager/Director/Supervisor or Operations Director, as well as the Safety Director. Our primary objective is fostering mutual learning to equip you with practical strategies to elevate your facility stewardship leadership practices, ensuring your church facilities ministry’s long-term sustainability and effectiveness.

The Pastor & Executive Pastor Leadership Collective focuses on people development and creating environments for success while providing support and best practices for managing the operational areas in the church.  This Collective is serves Executive Pastors, Pastors, Directors of Operations, and Administrators looking to build thriving teams of people who execute and want to develop systems and processes for their churches. Whether you’re new in your role and trying to figure out how to do it well or if you’re a seasoned veteran looking for new ideas, there will be opportunities for everyone to grow.

Meet Our Coaches

James Burns

Facilities Director at Lake Church & Director of Groups at NACFM

Justin Firesheets

Project Manager at Church of the Highlands

Philip Lohmeyer

Disaster Response Coordinator for The Christian & Missionary Alliance

Ryan Miller

President at Share the Struggle

Scott Miller

Director of IT at Watermark Church, Dallas

Lori Morrison

Church Safety Advocate & Worship Facility Advisory Board Member

Eric Rauch

Executive Pastor at 2|42 Church

Jason Settle

Leadership Coach & Biblical Counselor

Shauneille Smith

Minister, Speaker & Author

Neal Watson

Vice President of Integration of CTS AVL

Worship & Tech Leader’s Collective Sponsor

Lara Wood

Chief Operations Director at Grace Family Church