CFX Foundations

On-Demand Education for Churches

Foundations on-demand education provides church communities with access to the information needed to pursue the vision they have for their church.

Through that mission, Foundations reaches and serves more churches in the areas of worship tech arts, church building & facility stewardship, and church safety than anyone. A deep understanding of the challenges churches face helped design an educational solution that works for churches of any size.

Register and access more than 6 hours of FREE education within three content channels: 

Worship Tech Arts: Developing, inspiring, and connecting the worship tech community

Church Building & Facility Stewardship: Designing, building, remodeling, and managing faith-based buildings and schools

Church Safety: Prevention and response for faith-based spaces and schools

Foundations presents on-demand education in three content channels covering the vital areas of your church.

Worship Tech Arts

  • AVL Projects: Planning, Budgeting, Installation, and Commissioning
  • Staff and Volunteers Development and Training
  • Audio: Capture and Mixing for Live and Online
  • Lighting: Fixtures, Controls, Applications, and Design
  • Streaming and Broadcast Production: Tools, Practices, and Solutions
  • Video: Camera Applications, Capture, and Post Production
  • Service Planning Strategies, Processes, and Tool

Church Buildings and Stewardship

  • Building Design Concepts for Maximum Engagement
  • Budgeting for a Building Project or Upgrade

  • Knowing When to Build New, Purchase or Renovate

  • Planning Considerations for Multi-Site Campuses

  • Improving the Impact of Church Buildings on Worship

  • Building Project Teams and Building Delivery Method

  • Community Engagement Concepts

 Church Safety and Security

  • Safety and Security Training and Resources
  • School and Church Operations Management and Safety
  • Prevention Policies and Practices
  • Security Teams  
  • Active Shooter Response
  • Background Checks and Training
  • Notification Communication Procedures
  • Kids and School Safety Protocols

60 hours of educational videos from CFX events – Including the just released 2023 CFX event!

Bonus leadership video from church leaders you respect. 


Unlimited access to all videos

Free access for your team (5 logins)

A Powerful Learning Solution for Churches

“Our team is very reliant on volunteers, which makes educational or growth opportunities hard to find and afford.  The video library became a convenient and important opportunity to elevate everyone’s knowledge. Being able to watch a session together, or repeat one helped us apply these ideas in our church. It’s been a good value for our church.”

Tech Team Leader

“We were unsure and intimidated by the prospect of a building project. Our priority was guidance on how to consider and plan our project. The design and build sessions were accessible and the instructors were generous with their knowledge. It was invaluable for us to learn from these experts.”


Our Purpose

Worship Facility Media: Foundations, Worship Facility, and CFX Events

WFM believes that all churches desire to create places of greater connection and growth for their communities. We aim to help churches accomplish that goal by connecting people and supporting as many churches as possible in worship tech, building design, stewardship, safety, and leadership. Our resources are unbiased and appropriate for any house of worship.

How do we do this? Through the Church Facilities Expo event, WorshipFacility.com, and Foundations. CFX brings the worship community together for education, networking, and leadership. WorshipFacility.com provides online application articles, news items, podcasts, and webinars, reaching people through multiple channels. Lastly, Foundations offers three channels of on-demand education from industry professionals.

Our deep understanding of the challenges that churches face has guided us. We value the uniqueness of all churches, so our resources are designed to equip and support you to pursue the vision you have for your church with confidence.