Church Safety Conference

An intensive two-day conference taught by experts who understand the challenges churches face to create, maintain and sustain safe and welcoming worship communities.


The Church Safety Conference is one of four conference experiences held at CFX 2024, creating a powerful and unique growth experience for your team.


1 Expo Hall with 170 Exhibitors

Preliminary conference session topics include:


  • Financial Resources for Church Safety and Security (FEMA, grants, etc.)
  • All Lines of Insurance You Need to Have
  • Background Checks and Other Safety Policies & Procedures
  • Starting a Safety Team: Structure, Recruitment, Governance, Best Practices
  • Budgeting for the Safety Ministry
  • Emergency Operational Planning
  • Legal Issues, Liabilities, and Attorneys
  • Communicating with Your Pastor
  • Threat Assessments to Understand Behaviors
  • Holistic Safety Training: First Aid, Suspicious Behaviors, Emotional Safety Awareness, Conflict De-Escalation
  • Technology/Software for Your Space
  • Information Security: 3rd Party Vendors, Confidential Information Management, Data Leaks/Breaches
  • Cybersecurity
  • Protecting Children & Youth at Your Church’s School/Daycare and Church Services
  • Active Violence Preparedness, Training, and Policies

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