Tech Arts Conference

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Worship Facility

30 hours of education over two conference tracks, plus advanced learning opportunities.

Tech Leader Collective

Pre-conference Masterclasses

Advanced Audio

Mastering the Art of Creating Compelling Story Videos

Live Sound Loudspeaker Demo Experience

More than 90+ manufacturers, distributors, brands, and AVL integrators focus solely on worship technologies and services.

Tech Leader Track *

  • Strategizing the Equipment You Have for Maximum Team Usage and Audience Engagement
  • Maintenance & Repairs: Planning and Budgeting
  • Camera and Lighting Placement for Remote and In-Person Audiences
  • Equipment Choices for Various Budgets and Purposes
  • Volunteer Recruiting, Training, & Retaining
  • Service Planning (Best Practices, Software, Copyrights/Licensing, Creating a Cohesive Worship Experience, etc.)
  • Communications, Social Media, and Websites
  • Using Artificial Intelligence in Your Media and Communications
  • Communicating with Your Pastor
  • Future Trends in AVL Usage in Church

Tech Team Skills Development Track *

  • Audio Mixing for Live Worship and Broadcast (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced)
  • Critical Listening for FOH Mixing and Understanding Music Theory for Better Mixing
  • Mastering Audio Essentials (Absolute Gain, EQ, Understanding Acoustics, etc.)
  • In-Ear Monitor Best Practices and Mixing Techniques
  • Creating Show Files
  • RF Signals and Signal Processing
  • Camera Shooting for IMAG vs Broadcast
  • Live-Shooting vs Pre-Recorded Video and How to Combine Them in the Service
  • Shooting Interviews for Testimonies/Engagement
  • Video Switching/Editing Techniques
  • Video Directing for IMAG and Broadcast
  • Video/Media Content Management, Storage, Organization, and Usage
  • Lighting Design to Create an Atmosphere of Worship
  • LED Walls, Projection, and Display Monitors: Purposes, Selection, and Best Practices
  • Technical Design of Content for Display Screens


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