Allen & Heath University at CFX

Allen & Heath University

Held on October 22nd and 23rd; Schedule TBD

Allen & Heath will be holding their formal audio training at CFX 2024! Experience hands-on training with Allen & Heath live sound products and applications through these 1.5-hour sessions. Take your audio training to the next level!


Gain Staging – Learn how to set up proper gain staging throughout the console’s signal path. This relatively simple step when done incorrectly creates a myriad of complications that could have been avoided. Learn how to properly set gain to ensure a smoother service.

Monitor Mixing Basics – Improve your monitor mixing with tips and tricks on setting up and using IEM and Wedge Mixes for your singers and musicians.

Use of MultiBand Compressors and Dynamic EQs to Solve Common HOW Audio Challenges – Learn how to use these tools to have a more nuanced approach to addressing common audio issues like excessive sibilance or taking the edge off a vocalist when their volume increases.

Improving and Optimizing a Streaming Mix – The use of streaming services exploded during the pandemic and now have become an expected part of most worship services. However, the creation and quality of this mix can be neglected as attention is paid to the main FOH and Monitor mixes, particularly in small and mid-sized congregations that don’t have the luxury of dedicated staff. Learn how to ensure you’re taking the easiest path to a quality streaming mix.


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