Illuminated Integration’s Trainings at CFX

Illuminated Integration, LLC will host a training room at CFX 2024, feature multiple educational and training sessions held on Tuesday and Wednesday. They’re passionate about helping churches not only find the right tech systems for their space and requirements, but they also want you to receive expert training to help you achieve the most out of your equipment that you can.

Lighting for Worship – Part 1

Tuesday, October 22nd from 1:15 PM – 2:15 PM

Join Illuminated Integration in a focused discussion on the principles and best practices when lighting for worship. In this session, you’ll learn important topics such as multi-point lighting, lighting angles, color temperature, and Color Rendering Index (CRI). We will also discuss the uses of each type of lighting fixture and how to choose which fixture will best suit your needs. Discover important lighting constants in any space that need to be considered for effective platform lighting. We will also discuss the often overlooked house lighting including light level for various tasks, dimming abilities of house lights, and house lighting control systems.

Lighting for Worship – Part 2

Wednesday, October 23rd from 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM

Are you looking to upgrade your church’s lighting console? Are you confused about all the choices available and wondering what you really need? Come join us for an interactive demonstration and discussion on how to choose the best lighting console based on the needs of your church both present and future. In this session we will have lighting consoles including HOG by High End Systems, ETC Gio @5, Elation Onyx, and ColorSource in the room. Presenters will discuss the use cases for each console, strengths and weaknesses, workflow tips, and demonstrate programming live on each console utilizing lighting visualization software.

Lighting for Video

Wednesday, October 23rd from 11:15 AM – 12:15 PM

In this session, you’ll receive a broad overview of key elements to consider while thinking about video and lighting. Learn important tips and tricks to improve and enhance your video content. Topics will include, multi-point lighting, lighting angles, white only color temperature, colored rendering on camera, camera positioning, as well as content on projected or video surface, and how best to use that content to your advantage. You’ll also get interactive demonstrations on key elements to consider when discussing streaming, digital backdrop, I-MAG, and other video related topics. We will also discuss more importantly the dos and don’ts when considering video as an option for a digital backdrop.

Understanding Room Acoustics

Tuesday, October 22nd from 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM

No matter where you are worshiping, the acoustics of the space play an integral role in how your message is heard; therefore, you need to discover the importance of room acoustics. During this session you’ll learn why acoustics matter, common acoustic issues in a space, and some target measurements based on your worship style. We will then examine absorptive and diffusive treatment options to improve the acoustics in an existing space and some considerations for new construction. Finally, we will explore the world of active acoustics and why an active acoustic system may make sense for your worship center.