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Already Accepted as a Speaker at CFX 2024?

Thank you so much for being willing to share what you know with our attendees! Please be praying for what you’ll be talking about and for our attendees as we continue to prepare for the conference.

Everything you need to know about being a presenter at CFX can be found on this page. If you have additional questions please contact Stephanie Lippi, Conference Manager, at slippi@churchfacilitiesexpo.com, call or text her at 717.222.7713, or schedule a meeting.


Access the Speaker Dashboard

In order to have access to slide templates, speaker marketing materials and promo codes, and answers to all your speaking questions, you’ll need to log into our Speaker Dashboard. This will also give you the ability to interact with attendees, speakers, and exhibitors prior to and after the event. 


Looking to Speak at CFX 2024?

We aim to be the premier educational event for church leaders in the areas of Worship Production, Facilities Management, Safety & Security, and Construction/Church Upgrade Projects. As a result, we go through a vetting process to find the best presenters and sessions for our event.

Everything you need to know about being a presenter at CFX can be found on this page. If you have additional questions please contact Stephanie Lippi, Conference Manager, at slippi@churchfacilitiesexpo.com, call or text her at 717.222.7713, or schedule a meeting.

Guidelines and Requirements for CFX Speakers

  • Our desire is to have church leaders who understand what it means to lead and serve in church ministries share their knowledge and expertise with our attendees. 
  • If you work for a company/organization other than a church, we do require you to exhibit in order to speak at CFX. Please contact info@churchfacilitiesexpo.com for sponsorship levels and exhibiting information. 
  • Please look at the topics listed below for each of our four co-located conferences to see what we want to include in our conference programs. Those are the topics we will fill first, and any additional topics will be considered after these have been filled.
  • Our 60-minute breakout sessions will be filmed for our Foundations Video Library that includes session videos from past events. Attendees have the opportunity to purchase a subscription to this service. When you submit your proposal, this is an acknowledgement of your permission to allow us the rights to use those videos for this purpose.

Topics, Session Types, and Link to Submit Proposal

Worship Tech Arts Topics

  • Mastering Audio Essentials (Absolute Gain, EQ, Understanding Acoustics, etc.)
  • Creating Show Files
  • RF Signals and Signal Processing
  • Camera and Lighting Placement for Remote and In-Person Audiences
  • Live-Shooting vs Pre-Recorded Video and How to Combine Them in the Service
  • Video Switching Techniques
  • Video/Media Content Management, Storage, Organization, and Usage
  • Understanding Lighting Design to Create an Atmosphere of Worship
  • Technical Design of Content for Display Screens
  • Service Planning (Best Practices, Software, Copyrights/Licensing, Creating a Cohesive Worship Experience, etc.)
  • Communications, Social Media, and Websites
  • Using Artificial Intelligence in Your Media and Communications
Facility Stewardship Conference

Facility Stewardship Topics

  • Developing a Facilities Stewardship Mindset
  • New Trends in Facilities Management and HVAC that Will Affect Your Budget/Role
  • Repairs vs New Purchases: When Should You Buy
  • Furniture & Soft Goods Purchasing (Lobby Areas, Kids/Youth Ministry, Office, etc.)
  • Planning for the Next Pandemic with Your Facilities (Touchless Options, etc.)
  • Energy Management/HVAC Best Practices
  • What it Takes to Become a Shelter-in-Place Location
  • Preparing for a Reduced Facilities Management Team
  • Communicating with Your Pastor
  • Outsourcing vs In-House Considerations
  • Vendor Relationships and Choosing the Right Team
  • Maintenance Planning and Budgeting
  • Preparing for Seasonal Changes
  • Event Management: Contracts, Leases, Policies
  • Creating FM Policies, Procedures, and Manuals
  • Feeling Respected as a Ministry in the Church


Church Safety Topics

  • All Lines of Insurance You Need to Have
  • Background Checks and Other Safety Policies & Procedures
  • Starting a Safety Team: Structure, Recruitment, Governance, Best Practices
  • Budgeting for the Safety Ministry
  • Legal Issues, Liabilities, and Attorneys
  • Technology/Software for Your Space
  • Information Security: 3rd Party Vendors, Confidential Information Management, Data Leaks/Breaches
  • Cybersecurity

Church Buildings Topics

  • Creating and Managing a Budget
  • Financing Options: Choosing the Right Methods
  • Designing a School/Daycare Center at Your Church
  • Interior Design: Using Color, Comfort, and Thought to Create Flow and Engagement
  • Designing Safety in the Initial Planning

60-Minute Breakout Sessions

These educational sessions are only available to conference attendees. They must cover a topic from the list above that is approved by conference management. These sessions are meant to provide educational content only. Church leaders are encouraged to submit proposals for these sessions.

If you are an exhibitor, you must choose a sponsorship option to participate as a presenter for one of these sessions. You will also need to either bring a church leader as a co-presenter with yourself, or you may include no more than 15 minutes of case studies from your company that help to illustrate the educational points presented.


25-Minute Sponsored Talks

These educational sessions are only available to conference attendees and are similar in style to a TED Talk. Inspire attendees with a new idea that can help them in their ministries.

These sessions are only available for exhibitors to present, and must be purchased through a sponsorship option. Marketing your products or services is allowed, but the focus should be on covering one of the educational topics listed above. Other topics will be considered by conference management.



Panel Discussions

Certain educational topics will be covered exclusively for conference attendees through panel discussions. Conference management will choose the topic, and both church leaders and exhibitors alike are encouraged to sit on the panels.

Exhibitors will be required to purchase a sponsorship option to participate. You may choose to sit on the panel yourself or send a church leader with expertise on the topic to sit on the panel for you.

* Please note: you will NOT be able to submit a proposal for one of these panel discussions. If you are interested in having a seat on one, please contact Stephanie Lippi for more details.

25-Minute Exhibitor Spotlights

Available to anyone who holds any conference or expo-only pass, these sessions are held on the expo floor’s Connections Stage. This is your opportunity to showcase your company through sharing educational content, talking about new products, or introducing your company to attendees.

These sessions are only open to exhibitors and must be purchased as part of their exhibiting package.


25-Minute Roundtable Discussions

These interactive discussions are available to anyone who holds any conference or expo-only pass. Held on the expo floor at round tables, this is your opportunity to talk with attendees, speakers, or other exhibitors about a topic your company has expertise to discuss.

These sessions are only open to exhibitors and must be purchased as part of their exhibiting package.


Compensation for Speaking

We are happy to offer one complimentary All-Access Pass registration to anyone who is chosen as a presenter at CFX. This also includes access to any masterclass or leadership collective of your choice.

Upon request, further negotiation of additional complimentary registrations for spouses can be discussed.

Other Questions?

If there’s anything else you have questions or concerns you about regarding the conference or your session or demo schedule, please call or text Stephanie Lippi at 717.222.7713, schedule a meeting, or send her an email.


Proposal Submission Link

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1. When you see the “Oops!” error page, log out.

2. Click on the “Call for Proposals” tab in the menu bar.

3. Log back into the system.

4. You should have access to edit your existing proposals, your contact information, or submit a new proposal.