Masterclasses – Audio

Pre-Conference Masterclasses

Monday, October 21, 2024

1:00 PM-5:00 PM

Intermediate Audio Mixing for Worship

Taught by TBD

This class will walk you through mic choice and placement, preamp gain staging and choices, creative and practical uses of low and high pass filters, pros and cons of using gates or source expansion, use of plug-ins, when to use Parametric vs Dynamic EQ , uses and pitfalls of compression, summing and output routing strategies, and effect use. There will be ample time with the instructor to address specific application or use cases from attendees.

*Additional registration costs required.

**Each Masterclass is happening simultaneously, so a person can register for and attend only one. Masterclasses are also occurring at the same time as Leadership Collectives, so you cannot choose to attend both a Masterclass and a Collective.

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